Golf carts require monthly and yearly maintenance. At Carts Inc. we can keep your cart running in tip top shape. We offer engine service and battery maintenance and replacements at the most reasonable rates in town! If your cart is sluggish or not running right bring it buy and let us take a look.

Battery Sales and Service

Is your cart running a little slower than last year?

Is your cart not as fast as it used to be or not as much run time as last year? Come by and let us test your batteries and see if they are the problem. Sometimes the solution isn't spending several hundred dollars replacing batteries but if that is the only solution, we can definitely provide the best bang for your buck!


Gas Cart Service

Is your Gas golf cart sluggish or not starting like it should. Bring it by and let one of our technicians take a look! Most of the time it is just a general maintenance issue and we can get it taken care of quickly and at a great price!

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